Daily writings....

So here it goes. What do you do when you have a mix of everything, but nothing really clear, nothing moving forward? I figure that my journal will have to started again. I am a little lost. I have baby stepped all my dreams. All at once. 

I wrote my life goals down the other day and noticed one that jumped out at me. Connecting back to nature, Camping, and walking the Appalachian Trail. As a kid I found comfort in the trees, in the outdoors. A quiet comfort from the chaos that was my teenage years. It grounded me when I was lost. Me and my wife say we are going to "get lost" when we talk about getting away from it all. Those times when I was a teen was where this phase came from. My way of stepping away and getting me through.

My life has been full of stress and chaos as of late. Even with taking actions to bring down the stress it is not back to when I last was last calm in my life and work. I think it is time to change back to who I once was like, in order to guide the next part of my life. My wife and I deserve this so we and build a strong future. 

I need to stand calm and have focus on what is important. The world is a storm of change right now. If you let the winds of chaos move you around you will be battered by the storm, your tears will fall like rain, and your heart will beat like thunder. 

Your Story

For those of you that visit my website and make it to my blog I am interested in hearing about your story, what kind of art you like, and what brought you to this site. I want to connect with you and see what you would like to see as far as future art.. As an artist I feel that this is how I serve others. So in the comments below let me know what you want out of an artist, what kinds of art you like, and what brought you to charlesdowdy.com 






Many changes taking place...

In order to try to jump start my art and design I tried to think of the smallest thing I could do in order to get me in the right direction and motivated. About a month ago I got a small pad of canvas and started to just paint small 8"x 10" acrylic paintings. I did the trick. You mix this with my recent readings on business, marketing, and art I think I am starting to see the missing pieces in my business plan to be a professional artist. I also feel like I have been turning a corner with my life and what I really want it in. Simply put I just want to paint. I see the importance in it, not only in it for me but for others.  It is how we serve others is how business is born.

So with the first painting I got on facebook and started to show people what I was doing. I got a fair share of thumbs ups. I also got 5 requests from others to see more work and ideas as well. I started to see how I was going to make those happen and in the process of doing so. I also feel that this exercise has loosen the cobwebs of my art skills. It is much like a muscle, if you don't use it you will loose it. So my process is improving in each one I do. This in turn with new marketing know-how has prompt me to go though my website and update and connect it to where it needs to be. I have a vision now for it all. 

I hope to write more on here to come and let you all know what has been going on. If you would like you can sign up for my new newsletter . I hope to be sending it out monthly. If anyone out there has any input on anything please let me know. 



VS1: Models Needed

Interested in being a model in a ground breaking project to simulate the human body in the virtual world? If the answer is yes then let me know. To be a model I will need some detailed measurements of your body, head shots of your profile (direct side of head) and front shot (direct front of face). Any other body shots will be helpful in creating the most realistic version for the simulations. Please contact me via the contact page and give me your name, age, gender, and tell me why you might be interested in this project. No one under 18 please.  If you turn out to be a good candidate then I will follow up with the details. If you do not think you might be interested but still want to get evolved then contact me about the survey. It is to see peoples views on the subject and will really help out in the research (Online survey to come real soon). 



Project: Virtual Self

Sorry it has been a while since I have updated the blog and projects. My life as a Product Designer has been kick into high gear and I have not had much time to work on any 3D Visualization and\or Art. 

This latest project is my attempt to bring an idea to life that I have been wanting to work on for a really long time. It is call Virtual Self. VS is a workflow\program that merges two industries into one, CG graphics and Engineering Design Systems. As a designer I have an expert level of experience in CADD systems (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) and recent experience  in physics and visualization software like Blender, Make Human, and fluid sims.  I want to merge all of these into one kind of program that will allow me to have a database of virtual humans to use in everything from Simulations and visuals to actual product design and modeling. Whatever you would actually use a human for the virtual human will be able to do in a virtual environment. Anyone that might know anything about this topic might think; "isn't that like second life or a video game?" I would say yes but I am shooting for something much more life like and usable for simulation. I also want to get peoples views on the subject. I want to build on this concept to possibly include custom manufacturing for personal items, use in creating yourself for the use in virtual environments like video games, and possibly the use in the medical and personal data management, like being able to actually keep track of your health and bio-metrics. It is all new and I am going to take baby steps at first. 

First is just having people take surveys and those that might be interested becoming alpha models for the database.  These models will be used for Art and Design. 

If you think you might be interested send me an email at my contact info, and we can take it from there. More Contact information and details to follow. 

Ideas about the future of the site and beyond!!!

I have been for sometime figure out what I want to do with all of this. Where I should take my concept business plan? What would it look like and do? Should I separate my personal life\portfolio with my business ? How will it all work? So many questions. 

I believe Tell Media Arts is going to be an educational site. I have a 90% completed degree in education I might as well use it. It will also be my business site showing off what I have been up to and what I can do for others. I guess in the internet age those who teach can also do. So that is what I am going to focus on. I am going to build my modern classroom that I worked on when I was at USI and add in a little bit more. I will offer services and products on the side to help out with anything else. Now if I can figure out how to get this advertising and google adsense to work out. If anyone is out there that can get a google adsense approved or how to make a site that they can't ignore then let me know. 

Other news... 

The other night  I was thinking , what would the world look like if you got rid of brick and mortar stores. I mean like complete , no more wal-mart, no more target, I mean everything gone. What would our houses look like then? 

3d printing is like speeding up real quick lately. I just saw a post today about Form 1 , a laser 3D printer on Kickstarter that will be making a .001 tolerance 3D printer for about $2500. That is like crazy . They have made the tolerance barrier, next comes the sub $1500 price tag. If they can get that price down to that level then we are at 1995 price tag for a home computer. Which in my opinion is when the PC market really took off. That is when we had a machine that could actually be a functional piece of electronics cheap enough and easy to use to show up everywhere. 

This is from the Kickstarter site. Thus an image from Form 1. Giving Credit where credit is due. 

This is from the Kickstarter site. Thus an image from Form 1. Giving Credit where credit is due. 

A New Day , Some New Features.

I am writing this to first test out my new system integration with other platforms.  (Facebook, tumblr.com, and many others). Another reason is to let everyone know how things are going with the site, the company, and just about all that is going on. 

The company is going well. I met with a business specialist at the bank . He brought up a lot of good information and some questions to bring up when I go to see the CPA and a Lawyer. Another great resource I found is demographic information at census.org. Great for getting data that will help with developing a solid marketing plan. I want to make a business or making art happen. The only way to do that is to get in touch with the people that want and need art. Marketing is where all of that starts. 

This studio is slowly coming together. I hope to have images of it real soon for the site so everyone will be able to see where I hope to be making some art real soon. I have been mostly working on getting the business side of this ironed out. I hope once that is over with the real joy of making art will follow. 

That is my update as of right now. Take care everyone. 



The Future I am seeking...

Lately on my mind there has been this design to infuse all of my joys in life (Photography, art, design, etc..) into something new. I feel the next big thing is going to dramatically increase the way we design, manufacturer, and change the way we live. This is going to be the development of  rapid prototyping which goes beyond the word prototyping to a new place called evolutionary development. Where the systems we use today (design 3d software, 3d printing, and programming) converge into a new system. 

I work everyday in the world of smart models, engineering design, and manufacturing. The one thing I see is that design is becoming faster pace, a designer is now the 3d artist, draftsman, and macro programmer. So I believe my position will be replaced soon (within 10 years). Not by outsourcing but by a newer system to develop a faster to market solution. The person at the controls then will be a very smart generalist engineer. Someone that has engineering in multiple fields. So how can one person do so much\learn so much? He will not have to since computers will be doing much of the design\engineering for him. This system would work off of a core evolving system to design and print parts at needed. This system would be as smart as any engineer, be able to do analysis on the fly, and understand metric design principles (where one change can bring forth a new design ability and be able to match this with the application of the design). 

Now what will the future look like with this? You know that new gadget or car you just got? There will only be one like it and literally the next one that will be made will be better. So get used to being out of date , out of the box. Then there will be rapid increase of science because of this. We will be able to test things faster, on the fly, and be able to have a third party checking the results faster than ever before. 

So what would this new system look like? At it's core would be a very smart computer AI with the ability to compute multiple analysis situations in real time all at once. Then there would have to be a breakthrough in 3d printing . I think the .001 inch tolerance would have to be held with the ability to have a variable output head with multiple head support on the printer which would increase speed (using group intelligence). Then this system would have to achieve 3d circuit printing. Think what they do with a micro processor but much better and bigger, full electrical systems. So all you would have to do is plug the device in and be ready to go. 

What would the future look like with this in it? Think of it this way , why buy the video game when you could just do the real thing? Say I want armor and the ability to fly to "play war" with my buddies or what if you desired to explore strange and new worlds? What would stop you now? It would be like the wild west all over again. Instead your wild west is the universe as we know it. The raw materials are all out there if you are willing to go get them. It would be a mass migration off of this rock called earth. It would not be the clunky spaceships out of our dreams but spaceships in whatever size and shape you want them, your perfect environment, your perfect world all on your own. Death Star anyone?